Web Development

Creative problem-solving abilities and savvy business sense allow us to look beyond into the big picture. We create spaces that encourage growth and expansion.

Web development is often associated with web design, but a closer look reveals the distinct difference between the two. Where web design relates to designing the features and usability of the website, web development, on the other hand, is about building, programming, and carrying out maintenance work on websites and online applications in the browser.

What Does Ecomsoft Have to Offer?

Front-end Development

Our front-end developers are well-versed in CSS, HTML, Javascript, and other programming languages, along with Content Management Systems like Magento, WooCommerce, and Custom PHP. Front-end development (also referred to as client-side development) involves the creating and coding the visual and graphic elements of the website. It can be said that the areas of front-end development and web design overlap a decent amount.

Back-end Development

Back-end development is responsible for the dealings under the hood of the website. This includes building servers, managing databases, developing APIs, and the like. A back-end developer is also tasked with database interactions, network and hosting configuration, user authentication, and business logic. The usual languages employed are PHP, C#, Ruby, Java, SQL, and Python.

Web Development

Full-stack Development

A full-stack developer is familiar with coding both the front and back ends of the website. At Ecomsoft, our developers are skilled at wearing both hats. They understand how the front and back ends merge together into a functional site. Full-stack web development uses coding languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, while simultaneously involving server configurations, code Application Programming Interfaces(APIs), and even query databases.

Why Ecomsoft and Not Others?

  • We understand what your business needs. We put ourselves in your shoes and brainstorm solutions for your exact requirements.
  • Our years as a web development company have prepared us to be culturally compatible with any kind of business. Our agency adheres to an agile development culture that makes it easier to match paces and personalities.
  • Ecomsoft never tells its customers to go in blind. We offer work samples for you to go through. We do not control our feedback. You are free to evaluate references from our previous clients as you wish.