Digital Marketing

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About Us

Digital marketing is advertising dispersed through channels like search engines, social media, emails, mobile apps, and websites. Today, digital marketing has morphed into an enormous, pulsating network where business owners onboard their brands. In order to harbor the true potential of digital marketing, marketers are required to take a deep dive into the unknown of advertising online - develop and cross-refer strategies to infer results from engagement marketing.

How Does Ecomsoft Help Your Brand?

Specialized Attention

Perhaps, it is time we completely do away with the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. No two brands are the same; they differ in their paces, priorities, and goals. All a one-stop-shop solution does is, result in ill-designed marketing strategies.

Ecomsoft has recruited the best experts to provide the following digital marketing services.

content marketing

Content Marketing

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

ppc and paid advertising

PPC and Paid Advertising

social media optimization

Social Media Optimization

Each marketing machination is handled by a different team to make sure that your brand gets the industry-hardened attention to detail in all three sectors.

Transparent Dealings

Anyone who knows anything about digital marketing knows the industry is rife with shady practices. Not us, though. Ecomsoft is Kolkata’s one of the most trusted digital marketing service providers. Over and over again, we proved that not only do we look out for the client’s best interests but we will always walk the extra mile to get you what you need.

Result Driven (Focus on Metrics)

A good digital marketing company knows how important a part the data plays. The KPIs, ROIs, and related metrics are to be deciphered into a concoction for further growth and expansion. The statistics tell us what the business needs, and we have been in this game far too long to ignore the call of data.